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RainmakerForce's Sales Intel is the fastest and reliable intel collection you've never experienced. Find what sales questions your competitors use. Stop the revenue bleed immediately. Learn the right customer targets that can maximize your sales. Our goal is to provide the intel you can immediately use for the fastest ROI without making changes to existing systems and processes.

  • What are customers looking for from your sales team?
  • Increase sales by at least 9.1% more without any new systems.
  • How many qualified leads are discarded by not asking the right customer questions?
  • Get every rep to convert deals from Prospecting to "sign me up"
The Ultimate Sales Intel
Get custom sales intel within a week. No system purchase required.
How It Works

Tell us about the intel you want

RainmakerForce gathers sales intel for you

You get customized sales intel in a week

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Here are results from our customers that might just help convince you:

17.7% bigger avg. deal sizes, no increase in selling costs

Increased performance to quota plan, 28% more cross-selling

Decreased discounting by 22%

Avg.12.6% more revenue every quarter

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